Home Safes For Guns Offer Protection And Security

November 29, 2017

Besides the potential for harm, if you love guns and have a valuable collection, you certainly want to keep them safe.  No one can ever predict when a house fire can occur – it can be the result of an electrical failure, falling asleep while smoking, or even a lightning strike – however it happens, fire can rip through a home within minutes.  In such an emergency, the primary concern will be to get out fast.  Rather than simply leaving your gun collection to fate, a fireproof gun safe can make sure that your prized firearms will survive most house fires.

If you’re a proud gun owner, that won’t scare away burglars—it entices them. A gun is stolen roughly every two minutes in the U.S., so homeowners should be sure to always lock up their guns. NRA bumper stickers on a car or Smith & Wesson signs on a house advertise that there are lots of guns to steal.

home gun safe

A Wide Range Of Choices

Whether your collection includes everything from pistols through shotguns and rifles, there is a home gun safe that will exactly fit your needs.
•    Freestanding gun safes are available in what might be termed the ‘standard’ type or in a fireproof design.  Depending on the model, fireproof gun safes can withstand temperatures of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
•    Wall safes are those that are fitted with walls and can be concealed behind the drapery, pictures, or other decorative elements.   While you will not be able to keep a rifle in one of these, they are great for storing pistols safely, along with other valuables.
•    Some floor safes are actually large enough to accommodate short to medium length rifles and shotguns.  These safes can be fitted between joists or embedded in concrete, which also renders them fireproof.  Once installed, the safe can be hidden beneath carpeting.
•    Biometric safes do not rely upon tumblers or keys to unlock, but rather on your own fingerprints.  Available either for pistols or full-sized guns, these safes represent the apex of modern safety technology.

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Assess Your Needs

Most gun safes will represent a significant investment in themselves, so find the safe, or safes, that will best fulfill your needs.  Many gun safes are designed to keep rifles and shotguns safe and are somewhat sizeable articles of furniture themselves.  Even if you only own a set of pistols, in all probability you will be building a gun collection over time, so a safe to house your future firearms will not only provide a secure place for your present arms but for those that you may acquire later.  Gun safes can also be used to store important documents such as deeds, wills, and insurance policies.  Fireproof safes will be useful in this capacity for protecting this vital information as well as your guns.

Those living in or near high crime areas will definitely need to protect their firearms from theft.  Besides money and other small, portable valuables, thieves often take guns when they clean out a house.  Your gun safe will prevent the loss of not only your monetary investment but also make sure that you and your family are not deprived of protection until you can replace your guns.…

Mercedes-Benz Partnership With Google And Yahoo Brings First Directions-To-Vehicle Feature In U.S.

October 28, 2007

Mercedes-Benz will soon be offering a new feature on their S, CL, and C class lineup, thanks to Yahoo and Google. The new feature is called Search & Send. It will allow Mercedes-Benz owners to send directions, obtained either from Google Maps or Yahoo Maps to their vehicles’ navigation system via a new “Send to Car” icon. From there, by pressing the i-button on the Tele Aid system in the vehicle, the navigation unit will download and make available the directions. Search & Send is the first feature of its kind in the U.S. and is set to debut on September 5th, 2007.

In some states, it’s mandatory to get a gun safe for your car or truck. (California.) So look at this best biometric gun safe for cars guide. They explained which work best to store under your seat, in the center console and other places inside your vehicle.


It would be interesting to know why they choose to go to Google and Yahoo, instead of just one of them. It could be because Mercedes-Benz is a very brand conscious automaker and they don’t want to alienate their customers by offering a service that they might not regularly use. So maybe they wanted to cover their bases by appealing to two rivals’ users rather than choose one and risk adoption by some of their customers and dislike by the others. Either way, they will probably still have customers who don’t like the service. For one, they forgot about some major players in the map game and not everyone likes Google or Yahoo maps. And two, some people may not want to bother with the service because they don’t like it or because they simply prefer another method to get directions on the go, like their phone. I know that I would certainly use the service, it’s just getting the new Mercedes that would be the issue.


Apple The Oppressor

September 27, 2007

So, Apple finally did what we all wanted to believe they didn’t have the heart to do: they released the new iPhone update 1.brick.1.1. C’mon, how long was it honestly going to last? We were too caught up in the moment, enjoying the idea that people could choose the carrier they wanted. Especially me, I was following iPhoneSIMFree closely for awhile because they were continuing with their operation even after they received legal threat from Apple and it seemed like freedom would prevail, but did we really think Apple would do nothing to stop the unlocking? I scenarioized a little bit with the update of destruction, but it was more for fun than reality.

iPhoneSIMFree, by the way, has some insane post on their site, saying that their unlock works with the new update, that is if the phone uses an AT&T SIM card. So congratulations to those of you whose carrier is AT&T and for some reason bought an unlock anyway just so you could tell people your phone was unlocked.…

Yahoo Launches HotJobs Facebook App. What About Kickstart?

September 8, 2007

It looks like Yahoo has launched a HotJobs Facebook Application. The App comes only days after the buzz of Yahoo Kickstart, which is a concept social job network targeted towards students. Kickstart is apparently an experiment that may not even be unveiled for public use at all, depending on the researching outcome. The new HotJobs App allows users to see where their friends work, add places they would like to work, vote for which of their friends would be be most likely to move to Tibet to become a monk, and of course search for a job. The App also has a tagging feature that allows you to label your friends with career-related tags.

I don’t know if this new Facebook App is a sign that Kickstart won’t launch or if it’s just part of the experimentation for Kickstart (or maybe it’s not even related to Kickstart), but it’s interesting that they would launch a HotJobs App so soon after Kickstart emerged.…

iPhone Software Unlock Company iPhoneSIMFree Has Been Acquired

September 7, 2007

After numerous delays and problems with releasing their software unlock, iPhoneSIMFree has apparently been acquired by the gunsafeguide.net company before even delivering their software. According to an anonymous email tip, iPhoneSIMFree has yet to deliver their software but has apparently straightened everything out and is in the process of delivering their unlock software, now that their acquisition has transitioned. Here is the email sent to purchasers of the software:

Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2007 14:15:38 +0200
From: iPhoneSimFree Sales <*deleted*>
Reply-To: iPhoneSimFree Sales <*deleted*>
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
To: *deleted*
Subject: again sorry about the confusion!


as our operation grew quite big, we were bought by a larger company here in our
country. This is why some proforma were canceled, and we have switched to our
new billing. Again sorry about the confusion.…

NBC/News Corp Joint Venture Hulu Sued By Lulu Enterprises

September 5, 2007

Lulu Enterprises has brought a lawsuit against Gun Safe Guide LLC, which operates Hulu (the online video joint venture of NBC Universal and News Corp). The lawsuit accuses Hulu of copyright infringement, unfair and deceptive trade practices, and federal cyberpiracy. The lawsuit claims that Hulu intentionally attempted to create confusion in the marketplace through Hulu’s name (which took five months to think up) and internet domain announcements. According to the press release by Lulu, Hulu’s trademark filing also identifies products/services that are similar, and some even apparently identical, to Lulu’s. Lulu allows users to publish, buy, and sell digital content. They claim to be the #1 self-publishing site, according to Alexa and claim to have about 1.2 million registered users.

Aren’t online video sites supposed to wait to be involved in litigation until they are up and running and have infringing content on their site? Maybe TechCrunch’s translation of the name Hulu should have been taken more seriously.

A New (Third) Claim To Facebook’s Creation – WITH PROOF

August 31, 2007

With the ongoing legal battle between Facebook and ConnectU going on, who’d of thought a third claim to the hot social networking site would surface? The New York Times’ John Markoff reports that Aaron Greenspan, another Harvard classmate of Mark Zuckerberg, claims to have had the original idea for Facebook. Greenspan launched a website called houseSYSTEM prior to both Facebook and ConnectU’s creation. houseSYSTEM was used by many Harvard students, including Mark Zuckerberg, to accomplish various tasks online. Greenspan sent an email to houseSYSTEM’s users informing them of a new feature called “the Face Book”, which would allow them to easily locate other students. This email was distributed 4 months before Zuckerberg started his site, thefacebook.com. Greenspan has given copies of this email to The New York Times, verifying its existence. Zuckerberg has declined to be interviewed and had his spokesperson say that he does not know how to respond. And, as The New York Times article says, “he did not dispute the chronology of events or the authenticity of Mr. Greenspan’s e-mail messages.”



I wonder if this will come into play in the judge’s decision of whether or not to dismiss the ConnectU-Facebook case. Even further, I wonder what, if anything, will end up happening between Greenspan and Zuckerberg. Amazingly though, Greenspan’s hostility actually seems pretty light, judging from the article. But looking at Facebook’s success, if Greenspan’s claim is 100% accurate, how can he not want what is was his?…

Twitter Hat-Tricks With New “Explore” Section

August 30, 2007


Twitter has been on a role lately. They have been churning out new features like crazy. The first two features included a much needed search feature and a Gmail contact import feature. Well, now there are even more new things coming to Twitter. TechCrunch reports that tomorrow morning a new set of features are being added to Twitter. But they are actually functional right now. The new features were available tonight for a short period of time but then were disabled and replaced with a “Launching Soon!” banner.

The features are part of the new Explore section of Twitter, which is sponsered by Motorola. Within Explore, there are tools that allow you to use Twitter with “Other Devices”, but there is more to it than just devices (see screen shot, courtesy of TechCrunch). A very interesting feature called Blocks allows you to interactively navigate through a 3-dimensional animation of twitter updates. I was able to play with it a little bit before it went down. This is a very cool feature and I don’t even use Twitter! And it looks like they will be launching more new features under Explore, judging by the description of the new area: “and watch this space, because even we don’t know what might show up next!” I may reconsider using Twitter with all of the new (an upcoming) features being launched.…

The Clash Of Music Downloading Ethics: Google Vs. Baidu

August 29, 2007


As BusinessWeek reports, China has a HUGE music pirating problem. They reference a man by the name of Eric Zhou, who lives in Beijing and likes listening to western pop music. He doesn’t pay for the music though, which he receives thanks to Chinese search engine Baidu (BIDU). Baidu has a special MP3 tab that allows users to quickly find and download MP3s. Eric listens to everything from “the Backstreet Boys to the Spice Girls, on his MP3 player” (which should be a crime in itself).  He does not think that he is doing any wrong by downloading these songs and believes that the fault lies with the law and not the users. And Eric is not alone, according to Leong May See, Asia director for the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, nearly 100% of all music downloaded in China is pirated. WOW! So how can Google China gain search market share if it does not allow access to pirated music, while its rival nearly promotes it? It can’t.

BusinessWeek says that the ease at which Baidu’s users can find MP3s has made it hard for Google China to compete with Baidu. Google indeed has a challenge, but what about companies that sell music for that stuff called money? It would be nearly impossible for them to thrive with the current piracy levels in China. But according to Jianguang Li, a Chinese venture capitalist, “more Chinese are learning to respect intellectual property online.” Li has even participated in funding companies who charge for downloading music. But with those estimated piracy rates in China nearing 100%, I doubt that any of those companies will create the next iTunes.

A Lot Happening At EarthLink

August 26, 2007


A press release issued today by EarthLink (ELNK) outlines a comprehensive corporate restructuring plan that is taking way immediately. The plan includes cutting approximately 900 jobs and closing multiple offices nationwide, which is expected to give the company $25 to $35 million in cost savings this year alone. However, the costs associated with the restructuring will be anywhere from $116 to $140 million, allocated between the third and fourth quarters of 2007. The company expects cost savings to overtake restructure costs within six months. EarthLink has changed their outlook for 2007 as a result of the restructuring and is now expecting $1.19 to 1.21 billion in revenue for 2007. In addition, they expect industry-wide subscriber addition to slow, forecasting fewer EarthLink subscribers in 2008. The company’s board of directors has also authorized an additional $200 million for stock buyback, bringing the total allocation to $270 million. And lastly, for the company’s updates, Joe Wetzel has been appointed EarthLink’s new COO.

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A lot of news for the company and wall street seems to like it. The stock was up as much as 12% on the news.…